Mystic Lotus Uplifts Spirit And Home

Luxury Incense Uplift Spirit And Home

Mystic Lotus Incense Cleanse Your Spirit And Home

Start Your Life on good terms with these incense cones and sticks that will make your space smell—and feel—like the haven you deserve. 

Incense has been a part of human lives and rituals for thousands of years. Its existence coincides with that of the first great civilizations where historically, it was burned in temples to communicate with deities. It’s one of the earliest trade routes, which opened up the Arabian Peninsula to the Mediterranean and essentially shaped the modern world as we know it. Even the origins of perfume itself stem from incense. The Latin word perfumo means ‘through smoke,' All perfume comes from incense. So it’s like the root of our culture.

So, how has this organic material, which we’ve been burning for over 6000 years, seemingly more popular than ever right now? Well, it probably has something to do with the fact that we’re all spending more time at home, and that due to the fallout of the COVID-19 plandemic, many of us are searching for meaningful, spiritual connections. Though not much has changed in terms of the general makeup of incense over the centuries, much modern-day incense looks—and smells—far different from what our ancestors would have lit.

Most will be familiar with the traditional incense stick, which sometimes includes a bamboo stick in the center for ease of holding, although more recently brands have been forgoing the central stick in a move toward sustainable design practices. Then, there’s also the increasingly popular incense cone. The difference? Sometimes it comes down to simply  the price tag (and the ingredients). “The big difference in the ones that are two dollars on Amazon is that a lot of their makeup is likely synthetic. So they smell nice, but they don’t do anything to you,” Hannan shares. “When you’re paying more, you’re often getting something hand-rolled, and you’re getting natural oils. So it does something to you,” Maximus elaborates. “It affects your mood. It wakes you up, it calms you down, it’s meditative.”

Those natural oils in hand-rolled incense are each said to have their own set of healing properties. So not only does lighting incense make your home smell nice, what you burn may affect your emotional and mental wellbeing.


Tips For a Modern Incense Ritual

‘Olfactory conditioning’ is a method through which you can use incense now, when you’re confined to your home for most of the day.  “Instead of having that gin o’clock that switches your brain from day to night, you can use incense,” Maximus tells us. “If you light incense every day at the same time, and you genuinely try and relax at that moment, just the scent will start to relax you after a week or so.”

Here’s how to create your own self-care, anti-stress incense ritual:

Choose the right time: Incense can be burned at any time, but it’s nice to give it a dedicated slot in your daily routine so you can take the time to really embrace its benefits. Try and stick to the same time each day, whether it’s early in the morning or as a mental note to log off and relax after work.

Pick the best scent for your needs: As mentioned, high-quality incense sticks are typically infused with natural organic oils, so this is a good opportunity to select one that suits your mood—or the mindset you’d like to evoke. Try incense cones or sticks that include sandalwood oil for calmness and confidence,  energy, stress and anxiety relief.

Remember to set your intentions: Take the time to really appreciate and embrace the aroma around you. Take a deep, considered breath, be present in the moment, and really think about the frame of mind you’d like to be in for the rest of your day or night.