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Mystic Lotus

Mystic Lotus Sandalwood Incense Cones

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A perfect blend of Aroma with a base note of wood crafted by Mystic Lotus.

SIMPLY NATURAL: Premium Incense Cones, 100 % Natural free from charcoal and other chemicals. The sandal wood fragrant incense stick fills the environment with positive energy to make your living space and even work space aromatically Relaxed and Blissful.

HAND ROLLED: Sandalwood Cone is hand rolled in a formulation mix using natural extracts as per the Mystic Lotus ancient method and is rolled and shaped into cones. A quality natural product where Fragrance Touches and Rejuvenates.

Long Lasting 1 Pack Contains: Premium Incense Cone Sandal Wood - 50 Grams / 1.8 oz (Approx. 30 Incense Cones) packaged for you by Mystic Lotus.